Private Cloud Hosting and Managed Cloud


Experience the latest in cost savings, flexibility, security and full control with no vendor lock-in.  For any business with predictable workloads, regulated industry, or privacy and security concerns, Private Cloud offers the same scale as public clouds like AWS, or Azure for a fraction of the price and more performance.

Running your IT infrastructure in your own Private Cloud.

A private cloud environment gives you guarantees of performance as well as the ability to create a disaster recovery and business continuity solution.  Users can spin up virtual machines on the fly.  Systems can be custom-secured and experience bandwidth speeds of up to 10Gbps, something private clouds like AWS fail to offer.  Regulatory compliance can be satisfied as you retain complete control over your own cloud hardware.  Cost savings and incredible performance gains on disk I/O as well as bandwidth is without debate.  Custom hardware firewalling is also available from Vendors like Cisco, Mirotik, Juniper and more.  You can even bring your own IP addresses.

Own your very own private cloud with our new Private Cloud Services.

OsoLabs also offers Managed Private Cloud services for enterprises customers who require more hands on support. We can completely manage your private Cloud environment so you can focus on your business tasks.

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