By Timothy Hudson

Compare Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure When it comes to Public Cloud hosting, there are many different avenues to success. There are various companies and providers that you…

AWS Support: The Benefits of Outsourcing
By Timothy Hudson

Amazon Web Services, more commonly referred to as AWS, is a major part of running an online company. AWS Support includes many valuable tools and services; depending on the plan…

colocation cloud
Colocation and the Cloud: Just Someone Else’s Computer
By Edward Moy

Every business runs on information. Yesterday’s filing cabinets and file rooms have evolved into an infrastructure which includes software, storage, networking, security, updates and patches. Today this infrastructure could exist…

devops tools
DevOps Tools of the Trade
By Edward Moy

DevOps is a fast growing trend which has changed how IT solutions are deployed. The outsourcing involved may be carried out by consultants or specialists who will work through each…

devops outsource
DevOps Services Outsourcing is the new IT (DAAS: DevOps As A Service)
By Edward Moy

Devops Services is disrupting tradition in house IT models. Every business has all the same moving parts that makes it work, including technology.  And every business wants to keep the…